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All 20 entries..


All 20 entries..

General :
  • Professional Gallery allows three levels of access (Admin, Author and Guest).
  • Drop down menu system. If you do not want easy to disable.
  • Random picture display. (in demo it is available as picture of the day)
  • Recently entries Links. ( in demo displayed as What 's New?), Recent entries links with pictures. ( in demo displayed in default. asp ) and Recent photos. ( In demo they are available under View details.) These can be displayed  wherever you want.
  • Hit counter for every entry. This includes Total Hits and Today's Hits.
  • CDONTS and AspEmail (http://www.aspemail.com/) support. 
  • If you do not have any of these two Supported Email components , you can disable email functions with one change in a file and use the system. If you disable automated email functions  will enable manual process to send login details ( Login ID , Password and activation code) to registered members. 
  • NO component required to upload photos.
  • Registration system to allow Password protection with login to add and edit entries.


  • Guest can view all Active entries.
  • Guest can view only active entries posted under selected Category
  • Guest can view only active entries posted by member.

Member /Author:

  • Guest can register as Members /Author 
  • Register member can upload passport size photo / or company logo during registration process.
  • Members can Edit their profile.
  • Members can update their photo / Company logo.
  • Members can request for Forgotten Login details like Login Name, Password , Activation details.
  • Members account will be activated only after member verify their email address by using activation code received automatically to email after completion of registration. This will allow accurate email address and clear list of members.
  • Members can post Photos and content under different categories. All photos will be uploaded to database.
  • Members can move content from one category to another category.
  • Members can update their own content and photos. When editing content, Member can either upload new image and leave the existing image as it is.
  • Members can send email to other members using online email form.
  • Members can send photos to friends by using online form.


  • Admin does all function performed by Author and Plus......
  • Admin can create another admin account or another member account if required.
  • Admin can create / rename /delete Categories safely. 
  • Admin can move any entry from one category to another category. 
  • Activate Entries posted by Author/Member after verification. This will allow clean content and avoid abuse use of the system.
  • Admin can activate/ deactivate any user account or any entry posted by Member.
  • Admin can edit and delete any member 's account  and content posted by member

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